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Asia is the biggest continent. During past 2 decades, Asia became the biggest market in many areas especially for Luxury and Beauty industry. It is important your business plan and execution aims to conquer this dynamic market and appeal Asian consumers. 

Euro-Asian Consulting

Let’s Asia!

Asia is the market everyone wish to penetrate. Yet it is difficult to have trustworth and relevant information on time. You may get or buy numbers and datas in a regular base. It is rather trimestrial, or annual. Well, the world is moving faster and faster and information are obsolete even faster. That’s why we are here. We search, analyze quickest insights, that are almost in real time thanks to various sources (published datas, unpublished industry news, news channels, social media) to give you REAL-TIME informations. 

1 hour consultation

Sometimes, one does event not know where to seat and what to question. This consultation will help you prioritize and narrow & enlarge your scopes and angles. We provide you phone consultation of 1 hour. Drop an email to with key subjects you wish to discuss, we provide you 1 or 2 hour indepth consultancy over the phone or face-to-face. 

Market access

Market datas, Business size, regulation, Industry practice… whether it is quantitative or qualitative intelligence you may search, you need to know a clear picture of where you wish to land. We are here to answer with order-made reports.


Brand/business strategy in Asia

Whether you are developing a brand, building your annual brand/commercial plan or reviewing your current strategy in light of new external market change.  What you believe amazing in Europe may not be so in Asia… Our Asian market access expertise is focused on helping you to have clear vision to positively implement your brand and business performance in Asia.

Actionable analysis on Asian customer journey

Our innovative approach to research is all about going beyond the obvious and delivering impactful, strategic insight that enables the Asian customer voice to be clearer and more central to brand and business decision-making. 

Fine-tune your strategy for Asia

Now that you have set up a successful strategy. If you aim for being truly global, you are in dire need of adapting your strategy in target countries. Especially in Luxury/Beauty field, conquering Northern Asia is crucial for your brand’s success. In addition to our Market Intelligence and Brand Strategy projects we decode end customers’ behavior in Asia.

Trend report

If you wish to know the latest trend, or Asian behavious in terms of consumption or their Beauty rituals and preference, it is for you. 


Try Our Trademarked Process

Research & Analysis

Quicker, Trustworthy, in depth information Beauty and Luxury for Asian market 

Roadmap planning

Asking the right questions to plan the right strategy. 

Execute & Monitor

Feed yourself with the most essential and important insights for Asia.

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities wherever you are.

25 years experience  in marketing & digital  for Beauty & Luxury area 
Specialized in  market access and  intelligence 
•Korean living in Paris, Trilingual 
Worked at and for L’Oréal,  Coty, ShiseidoeBay Korea, Pernod Ricard, Bain, Guidepoint global, Coleman Search, GLG group, Devialet, Hyatt 

I am a BEAUTY brand & business specialist with 25 years of global marketing & retail expertise (10 years at L’Oréal, AS Watson, and Coty Inc). I have global brand development expertise having Asian-European background in both linguistic and cultural aspect.

My key expertise areas are cosmetics, distribution specificity, retail environment, consumer behavior, product development and communication with 360° vision. Moreover, with valuable experience of having created companies and managed them, I have learned the real risks and challenges that every company faces. I am trilingual (French, English and Korean) and multi-cultural. I love helping out brands to see what others don’t. I love helping entrepreneurs who are willing to learn constantly and to expand their vision outside of Europe. 


Pricing Models For Every Need

Based on time and expertise provided, the consulting fee varies. Choose what is best for you. 

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